Ultra Tile Backer Board

Whether creating partitions, insulating a floor for electrical underfloor heating, or making a bath panel, Ultra Tile Backer Board is the versatile board for all tiling applications. Whether it is being used as a carrier material on a wall, to clad old substructures and pipes, or acting as a substructure on a wall, each can be done by using Ultra Tile Backer.

ultra - Tile Backer Board



Provides a superior waterproof surface for direct fixing of wall and floor tiles.

ultra - Tile Backer Board



Provides excellent insulation and fast warm up times when used with underfloor heating.

ultra - tile backer board


No static extra load requirements when used on timber floors, balcony roofs & attic conversions

ultra - tile Backer Board


high strength

Ultra Tile Backer can hold a tile weight of 60kg per m², double that of standard lining board